A Global Vision

ERG is a world-renowned program with a 40-year history of outstanding research, education and engagement with government, industry, and civil society at all levels. Our students learn to harness knowledge from the field and the classroom, emerging as leaders of change in the face of global resource and society challenges. They learn by being in the world that “data” is not a synonym for “people”, and that no problem gets solved with one perspective. ERG is a small unit, but we have a global presence guided by a commitment to social justice and environmental consciousness. From community meetings in Tanzanian villages to hearing rooms in Washington, and from the California Public Utilities Commission to national governments offices in Nepal, ERGies are working towards creative and enduring transformations.

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Energy & Resources Group: 37.870051, -122.257640
Green, F. Bailey (PhD 1998) // The Energetics of Advanced Integrated Wastewater Pond Systems: 25.289833, 83.006510
Maria Murmis (MS 1993) // An Evaluation of Air Quality in Buenos Aires, Argentina: -34.603723, -58.381593
Deborah Moore (MS 1989) // Opportunities for Basinwide Cooperative Management of Water Resources in the Verde River Basin, Arizona: 34.651345, -111.924654
Jaquelin Cochran (MA 2001) // Reducing Poverty in Northeast Cambodia: 13.706082, 107.030322
Jean Ku (MS 2001) // Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Options for China: Multi-Lateral Recommendations and Local Initiatives: A Case Study of Automobile Pollution in Beijing: 39.904030, 116.407526
Yanxia Chen (MS 2003) // Economic Assessment for the Donghan Village-scale Biomass Gasification Energy Supply System in China: 34.129187, 108.612191
Jeannie Katsigris (MS 1996) // Technology and Rural Industrialization Deep in China\'s Hinterlands: A Study of Technology Transfer in Rural Industries in Qinghai Province\'s Haidong Prefecture: 36.502040, 102.104287
Eric Hallstein (MS 1997) // A Critical Analysis of the Environmental Impact Assessment for Costa Rica\'s Siquirres Hydroelectric Project: 10.096220, -83.511528
Jesse Ribot (MS 1985) // Disincentives for Energy Conservation in the Electric Energy Sector of Djibouti, East Africa: 11.588000, 43.145000
Frank Carroll (PhD 1994) // Farm-level Agricultural Energy Technologies in an Egyptian Village: Engineering and Socio-Economic Characteristics and Consequences in the Context of the Political Economy of Food Security: 30.590926, 31.188219
Douglas Bushey (MA 2005) // Renewable Energy Systems in Rural Eritrea - Concepts for Three Wind-Powered, Village-Scale, Clean Development Mechanism Projects: 15.065900, 39.045380
Malini Ranganathan (PhD 2010) // Fluid Hegemony: A Political Ecology of Water, Market Rule, and Insurgence at Bangalore\'s Frontier: 12.971599, 77.594563
Ashley Muspratt (MS 2006) // Health, Hygiene and Safe Drinking Water: A Process Documentation of an Education and Technology Intervention in the Behram Slum, Mumbai, India: 19.075984, 72.877656
D. Asher Ghertner (PhD 2010) // Rule by Aesthetics: World-Class City Making in Delhi: 28.635308, 77.224960
Navroz Dubash (PhD 1998) // The Agrarian Question and the Institutionalization of Groundwater Exchange in Gujarat, India: 23.224820, 72.646377
Michael Maniates (PhD 1990) // Organizing for Rural Energy Development: Improved Cookstoves, Local Organizations, and the State in Gujarat, India: 23.224820, 72.646377
Heidi Fuchs (MS 2013) // Water Access in a Changing City: Evaluating Reliance on and Value of Public Borewells in Hubli-Dharwad, India: 15.451010, 75.008453
Marcus Moench (PhD 1990) // From Forest to Agroforest: Land-Use Dynamics and Crop Successions in the Western Ghats of Kerala, South India: 8.487495, 76.948623
Jonathan Mingle (MS 2009) // Building a Warmer Vernacular in the Western Himalaya: 34.133831, 77.474663
Sharad Lele (PhD 1993) // Degradation, Sustainability, or Transformation? A Case Study of Villagers\' Use of Forest Lands in the Malnaad Region of Uttara Kannada District, India: 14.709230, 74.780519
Michael Dwyer (PhD 2011) // Territorial Affairs: Turning Battlefields into Marketplaces in Postwar Laos: 17.962769, 102.614429
Alisar Aoun (MS 2010) // Traffic and Transit in Beirut, Lebanon: 33.888629, 35.495479
Leslie Kramer (MA 1988) // Electrical Load Management in Malta: A Preliminary Assessment: 35.897790, 14.514106
Carolyn Colsher (MA 1976) // Derivation of Plant-Soil Relationships for Dose Assessment on Bikini Atoll: 11.627139, 165.549505
Tracey Osborne (PhD 2010) // Carbon Capital: The Political Ecology of Carbon Forestry and Development in Chiapas, Mexico: 16.756932, -93.129235
Forest Kaser, Micah Lang, and Fermin Reygadas (MS 2007) // Point-of-Use Ultraviolet Water Disinfection: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Safe Water for Rural Households of Baja California Sur, Mexico: 24.142641, -110.312753
Katherine Blumberg (MS 2004) // The Emissions Impact of Transit Technology Options for the Mexico City Metropolitan Area: 19.432608, -99.133208
Adriana Valencia (MS 2004) // Improved Cookstoves in Michoacán, México: A Search for an Integrated Perspective that Promotes Local Culture, Health, and Sustainability: 19.705950, -101.194982
Christian Casillas (PhD 2012) // Exploring the role of information in development policy and practice in the fields of rural electrification, climate change mitigation, and fishing economics on Nicaragua\'s Atlantic Coast: 14.030600, -83.381511
Piers Lewis (MA 1994) // NGO-Led Rural Electrification in Cuá-Bocay Nicaragua: 13.367500, -85.673333
Deborah Cheng (PhD 2013) // The Politics of Pipes: The Persistence of Small Water Networks in Post-Privatization Manila: 14.599512, 120.984219
Vidal Smith (MS 1982) // Energy for the Development of Sierra Leone: 8.484146, -13.228670
Harald Winkler (MS 1998) // Land Capability Classification on the West Coast of South Africa: -32.097844, 18.326732
Kamal Kapadia (PhD 2008) // Developments after a Disaster: The Tsunami, Poverty, Conflict and Reconstruction in Sri Lanka: 6.927079, 79.861243
Doron Amiran (MA 1991) // Rot is Hot: Home Composting in Alameda County: 37.804364, -122.271114
Ari Altman (MA 2000) // A Case Study of Education, Understanding, Concern, and Action: Recycling and Consumption at UC-Berkeley: 37.873913, -122.250563
Francisco Donez (PhD 2010) // Where the Sky is the Right Color: Scale and Air Pollution in the Big Bend Region: 29.127487, -103.242538
Erin Conlisk (MS 2003) // Dry Deposition of Nitric Acid at Blodgett Forest: 38.890766, -120.626707
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Andrew Cohen (MS 1989) // New Justifications for Traditional Types of Water Projects (With an Analysis of the New San Clemente Project Proposal for the Carmel River, Monterey County, California : 36.299597, -121.643452
Tim Hargrave (MA 1993) // The Impact of a Federal Grazing Fee Increase on Land Use in El Dorado County, California: 38.729625, -120.798546
Sarah Trainor (PhD 2002) // Conflicting Values, Contested Terrain: Mormon, Paiute and Wilderness Advocate Values of the Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument: 37.770266, -111.602119
Tiffany Shih (MS 2007) // Patenting the sacred: the opposing symbolic meaning of taro in Hawai\'i: 21.306944, -157.858333
Susan Valentine (MS 1983) // Kern County, California--A Potential Contributor to Acid Deposition: 35.373292, -119.018712
Seth Zuckerman (MS 1990) // Social and Ecological Prospects for Second-Growth Forestry in the Mattole Valley (Humboldt County, California): 40.233733, -124.151934
Jeremy Eddy (MS 2009) // Quantitative Analysis and Community Decision-Making: A Case Study of Palo Alto\'s Organic Waste Management Decision: 37.441883, -122.143019
Ross Pumfrey (MA 1983) // Recycling as an Alternative to Disposal: A Study of Waste Paper Recovery in the Commercial Sector in San Francisco: 37.774929, -122.419416
Ken Adler (MA 1986) // The Role of the Inspector in Enforcing Pesticide Regulations: An Analysis of the San Joaquin County Agriculture Commission : 37.957702, -121.290780
John Galloway (MS 2000) // Policies and Programs to Support Solar Water Heating Systems: An Analysis with a Case Study Of a Municipal Solar Utility in Santa Clara, California: 37.354108, -121.955236
Nikhil Vijaykar (MS 2013) // Consolidation as a Solution for Central Valley Water Woes: An Exploratory Study in Tulare County: 36.330228, -119.292058
Erika Walther (MA 2001) // The Zuni Sustainable Energy Project: Implementing a Photovoltaics Credit Program in a Traditional Economy: 35.082048, -108.760096
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Matthew Turner (PhD 1992) // Life on the Margin: Fulsse Herding Practices and the Relationship Between Economy and Ecology in the Inland Niger Delta of Mali: 13.980582, -5.615241
Yasemin Biro-Kirtman (PhD 1998) // Prospects for Local Community Participation in the Management of the Goksu Delta Protected Special Area in Turkey: 36.335611, 34.003565