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Thomas Powell

Tom Powell is a forest ecologist that uses empirical and theoretical approaches to understand how terrestrial ecosystems and the services they provide respond to and recover from anthropogenic and natural disturbances. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow working on the NGEE-Tropics project at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Tom has researched and published on ecosystems from all over the world including tropical forests in Nepal and the Amazon, southern and western US conifer forests, scrub oak forests in Florida, and peat bogs in Norway. Publications: Variation in hydroclimate sustains tropical forest biomass and promotes functional diversity Differences in xylem and leaf hydraulic traits explain differences in drought tolerance among mature Amazon rainforest trees Confronting model predictions of carbon fluxes with measurements of Amazon forests subjected to experimental drought Carbon exchange of a mature, naturally regenerated pine forest in north Florida Environmental controls over net ecosystem carbon exchange of scrub oak in central Florida Links: Eesa Profile CV Education:
  • PhD, Harvard University
  • MS, University of Florida
  • BS, Sewanee