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Ella Belfer

Assessing Transitions in Overlying Rights to California’s Groundwater Basins (MA ’20)

An interest in the human dimensions of climate change – in particular, in understanding the dynamics of power and agency in responses to climate change – has always been at the heart of Ella’s work. She graduated from McGill University with a B.A. Joint Honors in Environmental Studies and Economics in 2016, where she studied the dynamics of dispossession in water grabs. Since then, Ella has been working at the Climate Change Adaptation Research Group, researching impacts of climate change adaptation interventions and contributing to the upcoming IPCC Special Report on 1.5ºC. As a first year Master’s student at ERG, Ella is interested in investigating the underlying sociopolitical transformations driven by adaptation interventions in water governance.


Representation of Indigenous Peoples in Climate Change Reporting