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Sergio Castellanos

Sergio Castellanos is a Berkeley Energy & Climate Institute – Tecnológico de Monterrey (BECI–ITESM) Energy Fellow working at the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab with Prof. Dan Kammen. His research focuses on expanding an optimization model –SWITCH– to Mexico to determine the optimal investments in new generation and transmission assets. Through his research, he also analyzes the manufacturing capacity of photovoltaic solar technologies in Mexico. Previously, in his Ph.D. studies (Mechanical Engineering ’15, MIT) he characterized the electrical impact of structural defects in silicon-based solar cells. He enjoys reading, exploring new hobbies, and learning more about the intersection of technology, business, and policy in renewable energy.   Publications:  An Insight into Dislocation Density Reduction in Multicrystalline Silicon High-Performance and Traditional Multicrystalline Silicon: Comparing Gettering Responses and Lifetime-Limiting Defects Dislocation Density Reduction During Impurity Gettering in Multicrystalline Silicon Infrared Birefringence Imaging of Residual Stress and Bulk Defects in Multicrystalline Silicon For more publications click here.   Links: LinkedIn   Contact: