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Zeke Hausfather: Global Warming Hiatus Disproved — Again

Zeke Hausfather, an ERG grad student, explains how ship measurements of sea surface temperature have been underestimating the amount of ocean warming this century. Video courtesy of Peter Sinclair.

The recently published study confirms that NOAA scientists correctly adjusted their record of ocean temperatures in light of known biases in some observing systems.

“Our results mean that essentially NOAA got it right, that they were not cooking the books,” he says.

COP22: How Morocco is Going Green

As the 22nd UN climate change conference, or COP22, continues in the Moroccan city of Marrakech, Daniel Kammen discusses how Morocco is becoming a model on the African continent when it comes to fighting climate change. France 24 reports on the kingdom’s eco-progress, from wind turbines to solar panels and “green” landfills.

‘Coal Doesn’t Benefit the Poor’: Dan Kammen on Energy Access and Poverty

Carbon Brief spoke to ERG Professor Daniel Kammen, one of the contributors to the report of the ODI’s (Overseas Development Institute) beyond coal report, about the findings.

Kammen explained how the report came about and the clear message it discovered:

“There’s been a series of academic reports analyzing, on a cost-benefit basis, how different coal projects around the world, from Kosovo, to Pakistan, to Mongolia, might or might not be cheaper, better, than the renewable energy alternatives. In each case that I’ve studied, the renewables came out better.”

Read the full story in Carbon Brief here.

RAEL and the California Academy of Sciences Collaborate the ‘Exploring Energy’ Video Series

ERG Professor Daniel Kammen worked with the California Academy of Sciences and RAEL to create a video series called “Exploring Energy.” The series was created for middle school teachers to help educate their students on the complex topics of energy and sustainability. Watch the entire video package!

Daniel Kammen was featured in two videos within the series. The first on nuclear energy can be found here. The second, which focuses on sustainable transportation, can be watched here.

ERG Professor Daniel Kammen Gives Lecture at Oxford Martin School


ERG Professor Daniel Kammen gave a lecture titled “The clean energy revolution: science and policy” at the Oxford Martin School on May 17th 2016. In this lecture Kammen discussed the strategies emerging to cost-effectively decarbonise energy systems worldwide.

WATCH: recorded video here.

ERG 22nd Annual Lecture 2016: Richard Norgaard

The Energy and Resources Group hosted its 22nd Annual Lecture on Energy and the Environment on April 7th with ERG Professor Emeritus Richard Norgaard. The lecture, titled How Economisim became our Religion, explored the ways in which economism pervades our political discourse.

Read a full description of the event here.

ERG PhD Student: Satellite or Surface Temps: Which is More Accurate?

ERG PhD student Zeke Hausfather was recently featured in a Yale Climate Connection video, which analyzes the accuracy of satellite and surface temperatures.  Hausfather, along with other scientists, clarify how best to understand global temperatures and how they are measured.

Kammen: Our Clean Energy Future

ERG Professor Daniel Kammen discusses the future of clean energy with the California Academy of Sciences.

“The world I see meeting our sustainability calls, not just reducing green-house gas emissions to virtually nothing, but also respecting nature, building green energy clean jobs everywhere, but in particular in poor communities, is one where solar and wind are going to really lead that story because we can deploy them quickly and easily everywhere. Every rooftop can become a solar power plant.”

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